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TEAM LEAD:  Joyce Websters

Contact Number:  1-623-853-6219

Purpose of the Ministry (Statement of purpose): It is the mission of the Prayer Ministry of IAM Church to serve the Body of Christ Locally and globally by praying for their needs and requests.


Ministry Skills and Commitments (Ministry’s key strengths, commitment to the church, and commitment to Christ): The Prayer Ministry is committed to the Prayer needs and concerns of the IAM Congregation and the global community. The ministry is composed of a group of God Fearing Men and Women who have surrendered their lives to God, searches the Word of God for wisdom, and seek God for understanding.

Ministry Activities and Functions (What do you do, who do you service, what will members see you do):

·         Praying Daily for IAM’s Fulfillment of its Mission Statement

·         Praying Daily for the Church to grow spiritually as it is growing numerically

·         Praying for members that are sick and shut-in

·         Praying for those that submit online and fill out prayer request forms

·         Connect with the ministry for its weekly prayer conference call

·         Attend Prayer Conferences and Workshops

·         Pray for individuals as requested.

Frequency of Service (How often do you meet, fellowship, rehearse, or serve):

·         Intercessory Prayer Prior to Sunday @ 8 am and Bible Study Every Wednesday @ 6:30 pm

·         Corporate Prayer Services every 1st. Saturday of every month at 9 am