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Made Easy and Simple.
We suggest persons consider membership after three visits and a discussion with one of our pastors. We want to be a good fit for you! Also, we offer New Members Orientation the second Tuesday every other month. Full access to our family is extended at the conclusion of membership class.
Persons who have a church home or ministry or are without either can join us in person or virtually to partner with us! Partnership includes access to members classes and updates, special seating at events, and an opportunity to lend their gifts, talents, and skills to our endeavors!
We welcome agencies, companies community organizations, and those in the seven mountains to network with us and provide awareness, events, and other needed streams of information that we might share with our members and community.
We welcome you to be apart not just a Church but a Family with great joy and celebration to your new home. You took an important step when you gave God your heart. You united with IAM Church to begin or enhance your life’s journey developing as a Christian.
Welcome to IAM Experience, We look at membership in a pretty simple way: If you are in relationship with Christ, then you belong to this Family community and we welcome you.
Oftentimes, membership is read backwards in the church, as if there are set behaviors you must keep, a brand of beliefs you must know, and after all of that, you may belong.
What you do and what you know become the conditions for membership and true belonging. But here at IAM Church, we put the “BE” before what you know and do. We believe that who you are in Christ is the starting point, and what you know and do are the the results of your relationship with Him.
Becoming a member is a step that all disciples take because they belong to and follow Jesus Christ. This is how we do membership. Everything about membership with IAM Church is from this point of view. This starting point drives so much of our culture, values, and practices together.
How do I become a member?
Each week, IAM offers our class. This class is a simple and brief introduction to our culture, mission, and values. At the class, you’ll join with other new members, ministers, elders, and the pastoral staff to explore IAM Church, join in the mission, and start being known and included at IAM Church! Join us for the next Family membership class! We are READY TO SERVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!
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